BESTSELLER - Hydrating Face Cream wt Bearberry Extract & Licorice, 2oz.

Called Miracle in a Jar by our clients!!

If you are battling persistent sunburns, acne or need to brighten or lighten your face, this bestselling face cream is a miracle in Jar.

Evens out Skin tone, 

Clears Facial Acne Scars and Spots.

Clears hyper-pigmentation/Sunburns,

Smoothens and hydrates facial Skin,

Fades Post Pregnancy Facial Mask/Darkening.


Use at night. Wash Face and apply to wet damp face after a bath, massage in and allow to dry.

Use every night for a week, then 3 to 4 nights a week subsequently.

This amazing hydrating Face Cream contains all natural ingredients. Enriched with Bearberry & Licorice. to even moisturize and smoothen the face. Packed with Organic ingredients to give a healthy toned glow. Perfect for all Skin types.

Patch test and Use as directed on Label.


*Use 3 nights a week if you just intend to brighten face 1 to 2 shades.

*Use every night if you intend to lighten face.

(Please be advised this TIP does not supersede the product label directions.)

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